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By Christophe Beaupain for the FT Advisor From an economic perspective, having a strong housing market is something for a country to be proud of. However, with the average wage […]

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To deliver financial advice that is honest, independent and bespoke, with your present and future financial interests at heart.


At Timothy James & Partners, we believe that strong, long-term client relationships can only be built on solid foundations.

We believe in what we do. That’s why we’re so driven on your behalf.


We are proudly supporting the much anticipated Van Gogh Alive – The Experience exhibition in London, in order to raise money for well-known charities.

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From those who share their financial lives with us.

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Originally rather sceptical about a teacher either requiring or indeed attracting the attention of a Financial Advisor, I took a leap of faith and contract Timothy James & Partners. That was twenty years ago. Twenty financially secure years ago. Thank you to Timothy James & Partners and the team.

Tony Illingworth

I’ve worked with Tim and TJP for three decades, since the very start of the business, as one of his first clients. I will always remain a customer because of the unique and personal service Tim and TJP offer, and their caring approach to business.

George Hammer

We do things the
old-fashioned way

Our phones are answered by real people who recognise who you are; consultants who genuinely want to get to know you; and client-adviser relationships that make you feel valued. At Timothy James & Partners, our vision has always been to deliver truly outstanding personalised service for our clients.


At Timothy James & Partners, our reputation has been built upon transparency, integrity and uncompromising professionalism.


We take our social

We are supporting the upcoming and much anticipated Van Gogh exhibition in order to raise money for Kingston Hospital.


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We’re only a phone call away. Or send us a note and we’ll call you back.

Wealth is not his that has it, but his that enjoys it.
Benjamin Franklin
Jocelyn Maagbe
Compliance Executive
Tim Whiting
Founder & Managing Director
Chris Bryans
Dawn Buckland
Angela Jarvis
Financial Consultant
Anthony Fowler
Financial Consultant
Caroline Boyd
Financial Consultant
Chris Waddell
Financial Consultant
Christian Tomaszewski
Financial Consultant
Christophe Beaupain
Financial Consultant
Jessica Ayres
Financial Consultant
Paul Kippin
Financial Consultant
Philip Steer
Financial Consultant
Robert Guy
Financial Consultant
Simon Hollyhomes
Financial Consultant
Suzie Didier-Garnham
Financial Consultant
Louise Rycroft
Financial Consultant
Andy Bracken
Financial Consultant

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By Christophe Beaupain for the FT Advisor From an economic perspective, having a strong housing market is something for a country to be proud of. However, with the average wage […]

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